Independent Fire/Security Officers Association
Since 1989

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The Independent Fire/Security Officers Association

Our History
Important Events / Years 

The Beginning

1989 - The IF/SOA was formed by the Connecticut based employees of Pratt & Whitney's Protective Services Departments (Security/Fire). This was mostly in response to the company's decision to remove the "As such" pay, meaning automatic overtime pay for weekend work.

After voting to create the IF/SOA, the Union was designed with an overall Parent "Umbrella" Union and 4 distinct Locals (East Hartford, Middletown, North Haven & Southington). Each Local is designed to represent those members who work in the named facility. At the time of ratification there were 200+ newly created IF/SOA Members.

A Difficult Fight

1993 - Facing the threat of a difficult negotiation with the company the IF/SOA agreed to multiple givebacks including the removal of the Senior Plant Protection Officer, the creation of the Part-Time program (designed to reduce or eliminate overtime) and a $1 per hour pay cut. This was the first in what would become multiple difficult negotiations with the company.

Two Separate, But Equal Groups

1997 - During a hard fought negotiations with the company, and facing the possibility of another pay cut, there became two separate groups of IF/SOA members, Pre-97 & Post-97, which still co-exist to this day . The two most important differences are: separate pay scales & a separate vacation pay process. Most other issues are common among the two groups and both groups are afforded equal representation under the CBA. This was done to ease the burden on those current members who had worked long and hard for their wages and benefits. At every negotiation since, the IF/SOA has fought to close the gap between these two pay scales


2009 - During a particularly difficult negotiations, and facing the removal of our important subcontracting protection letter, IF/SOA members voted on and agreed, to take a 7.65% pay cut.

In the final days of negotiations the threat of a higher pay cut was much worse (up to 15% at one point). Many members made their presence known at the hotel where the negotiations were taking place, showing solidarity with their negotiation committee. A few days prior to the final day of negotiations, a meeting at that same hotel was called and an overwhelming majority of the membership was in attendance. Upon exiting the meeting, the membership walked past the company negotiating team, showing we were in solidarity with each other and that we were willing to fight for our rights. This, coupled with a brilliant last second tactic by the negotiation committee, is believed to be the reason we were spared from a higher pay cut.

Into The Future

Present - Currently the IF/SOA consists of approx. 67 members, based in the two remaining Locals (East Hartford & Middletown). The IF/SOA is committed to providing the highest level of representation for our members, which includes enforcing our Contractual Bargaining Agreement, entering good faith negotiations with the company and representing our members interest on all matters of wage issues, working conditions, Health & Safety issues, etc.